Amazing Thailand
International Chiang Mai Enduro
2019 Trails


special stages

DAY 1 SP 1

One of the favorite trails of the locals, SP 1 is fast and flowy with plenty of berms, root sections, log drops, jumps and a short but steep climb before the final sprint to the end.  Take care on the jump at the start of the stage!

DAY 1 SP 2

This stage is one of the longer ones over the 2 days at 2.7km in length.  It starts with a long and fast singletrack section before descending into the woods before dropping out onto a dual track with a grueling sprint to the finish.

DAY 1 SP 3

Another long Special Stage, SP 3 winds its way through the forest with several tight corners and turns before reaching the end point at the waterfall.

DAY 1 SP 4

With a very short Liaison stage riders are straight back into the action with several technical rocky sections to navigate and tight winding trails.

DAY 2 SP 5

Perhaps the most technical Special Stage in terms of features, riders can expect gap jumps, berms, and steep singletrack separated with a couple of tough climbs.

DAY 2 SP 6

Special Stage 6 is the shortest over the 2 days at 1km but has a variety of terrain and obstacles such as rock gardens, drops and some tight corners to navigate.  

DAY 2 SP 7

Another long Special Stage.  After a smooth first section, riders can expect things to get much tougher with loose, rocky terrain, gravel and narrow singletrack.

DAY 2 SP 8

After a tough Liaison Stage riders will experience plenty of roots and rocks on the final Special Stage of the event with some fast smooth sections inbetween.

DAY 1 - 2 Liaison Stage gpx files

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